Boogie-Woogie Dancing Show-Case Competition

Dancers, win the first ever internet dancing competition!


(pilote phase, we will start soon)   



Are you dancing to the fabulous music from the 40 & 50ies? Do you call it Jitterbug, East-Coast-Swing, Jump-Jive, Boogie Woogie, 50ies-Rock'n'Roll, Jive-Boogie, Jump-Swing, Jump-Blues or what ever?

We are waiting for you to enter this competition!


Participants from any country are encouraged to take part. If you name your dance differently to "Boogie Woogie" we do not bother. Just dance with the music proposed and enjoy your session.


Upload your material for judgment by the Boogie judges of the World Rock'n'Roll Federation (WRRC).


The winning couple gets next to the title "Boogie-Showcase Champion 2012" an invitation to the next WRRC "Boogie Woogie World Cup".


See you soon!

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